The T List: A Comfy Robe You’ll Want to Leave the House in, and More

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Before Elizabeth Jaime and her partner, Chaz Capobianco, opened the almost psychedelically colorful flower pop-up shop Calma in Miami’s Design District several weeks ago, the city had two choices when it came to floral arrangements, says Jaime: “uptight, traditional roses in a plain vase” or “rustic California wedding.” A prop stylist and former senior photo editor for Bon Appétit, Jaime immediately saw the need for something fresher when she moved back to Florida in December 2018, after nine years in New York. She favors medleys of tropical, traditional and playful flora, mixing anthuriums, for example, with tulips and pastel spray-painted monstera and livistona leaves. The resulting arrangements are somehow both statuesque and delicate. At Calma, shoppers can purchase premade bouquets or pick and choose from the stem bar in the back of the space, which Capobianco designed and built by hand, and also browse a selection of items for the kitchen and home, including Hay vases, Areaware planters and Beau Rush ceramics. The pop-up will be open through the end of March, “but if it’s successful, I’ll consider staying open longer,” Jaime says. If the enthusiastic shoppers who’ve visited so far are anything to go by, Calma is here to stay.

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