Japanese University Says It Won’t Hire Teachers Who Smoke

A university in Japan says it has stopped hiring faculty members who smoke unless they promise to quit, a once-unthinkable decision in a country that has just recently cracked down on its heavy-smoking ways.

Nagasaki University said the policy, announced last week, was part of its larger antismoking push. Last year, the university announced it would ban smoking on campus starting in August, and said it planned to ban the possession of items related to smoking starting in April 2020.

“Our job as a university is to nurture human resources, and we feel obliged to discourage people against smoking as some companies have begun not recruiting smokers,” Shigeru Kono, president of the university, said last week, according to The Asahi Shimbun.

A university spokesman, Yusuke Takakura, said the university was confident the policy would not run afoul of discrimination laws.

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