How Nico Tortorella of the Television Series ‘Younger’ Spends Sundays

KARAOKE We listen to old-school country music, with a gospel vibe. Bethany grew up in the Baptist church, and we definitely vibe out to some old church music on Sundays, for sure, with a country twang. Lots of Johnny Cash.

Bethany knows more about the names of that stuff than I do. I kind of just go, “Hey Siri, play this.” Sometimes we’ll throw in some karaoke on the microphone and Bethany starts singing it, but usually we’re just listening to it.

LIGHT READING I’m listening to “The Argonauts” on tape right now by Maggie Nelson, and I have the hard copy upstate, so maybe I’ll pick that up as well. I couldn’t get through it the first time I picked it up, and then I started listening to it. It’s so much easier to listen to because she gets quite masturbatory with her language, and you can zone out when you’re listening to it in parts and pick up where you need to.

MOVIE NIGHT When we’re upstate, we’ll watch a movie or something before we go to bed. We have a little den room, and we’ll lay out pillows and blankets on the floor, on the couch and just lounge out with the dogs and watch something.

I usually just watch everything as soon as it comes out, and Bethany’s very picky and doesn’t usually make it all the way through a movie. So, most of the time is spent actually deciding on what we’re going to watch. But we love a cartoon, Disney-animated Pixar all day.

And then, we’ve been watching a lot of TV recently. We just watched “Orange Is the New Black,” the new season. “Ramy,” we just watched. I just watched “Euphoria.” I’m watching “Years and Years” right now.

MOM TIME I definitely will call my mom. Multiple times a day. My mom’s my best friend. It’s been so interesting to watch her transition into a new person as my journey has been unfolding. All of a sudden she has a group of queer friends in Florida, and it makes me so stupid happy and proud. We are all always capable of transformation.

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