First All-Female Spacewalk Is Back On, NASA Says

The first spacewalk to be conducted entirely by women is scheduled for Oct. 21, NASA announced, nearly seven months after an all-female spacewalk was canceled because two properly fitted spacesuits were not readily available.

Christina Koch and Anne McClain, the two astronauts who were scheduled to conduct the spacewalk in March, both needed a medium-size torso component, but only one was available.

The spacewalk did take place — it just wasn’t all-female. Ms. Koch conducted the six-hour mission with fellow astronaut Nick Hague.

Ms. McClain, whose domestic dispute sparked what is believed to be the first criminal case in space, returned to Earth in June after orbiting the planet more than 3,000 times in 204 days. Summer Worden, Ms. McClain’s spouse, accused the astronaut of identity theft and improper access to her private financial records from space.

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