China Identifies New Virus Causing Pneumonia-Like Illness

Researchers in China have identified a new virus that is behind a mysterious pneumonialike illness that has sickened 59 people in Wuhan and caused a panic in the central Chinese region.

There’s no evidence that the virus, a coronavirus, is readily spread by humans, and it has not been tied to any deaths. But health officials in China and internationally are watching it carefully, as it comes from the same region where the deadly SARS epidemic broke out in the early 2000s.

Experts said the pathogen that caused these unexplained pneumonia cases had been “initially identified” as a new coronavirus, China’s state broadcaster, China Central Television, said on Thursday. They detected this virus among 15 of the people.

The new coronavirus “is different from previous human coronaviruses that were previously discovered, and more scientific research is needed for further understanding,” CCTV said in its report.

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